A few years ago some close friends and I started a band named remainder. We were always spread across two or three cities, but for a good while it was well worth the effort. Eventually we grew tired of the distance and without any real climax the band just petered out.

One of the last things we did was record all of the instruments for a four song EP in October of 2011. We never recorded the vocals and the songs sat unfinished for three years. We finally recorded the vocals in March of this year as a birthday gift for our drummer and beloved friend’s 29th birthday (today, July 12, 2014). Despite a mad dash to release the record on his birthday it turns out that releasing a record takes a really long time, especially if you’ve never released one before, but we can finally share the songs.

Thanks to David Rosenstraus for recording it, Bob Cooper for producing it, and Kate Larue for designing it. We’re very fortunate to have such talented friends.

It looks like the record will come out some time this fall and we’re looking forward to playing a single show for it’s release. We hope you enjoy it. Better late than never.